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Cajun Curl Chip Cutter
Model 3816 CPS (Patent pending) w/Polymer Base. Base Material approved for Food Service by USDA, FDA, NSF.
Ordering is easy. Phone 205-861-9997 for questions or customer service.
For check and money orders, print out the form below and mail to:
LeBlanc Trading and Marketing, Inc.
1415 Kicker Rd
Tuscaloosa, Al 35404
Price of cutter model 3816 CPS $119.95
$_____ Left-handed model available upon request

Sales tax (La. Residents) $_____

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Cajun Curl Bayou Blended Spices
8 oz. container $2.49 Wholesale $1.88 w/case of 12 $22.56
16 oz. container $3.75 Wholesale $2.96 w/case of 12 $35.52
(plus shipping)

Size*____ Qty_____ **$_____(Each)

Total Amount enclosed $_______

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